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Wed, 28 May 2003

21:06 [zork(~/mrbad)] cat elena.txt


So, my niece didn't arrive until Saturday morning around 5AM. My sister-in-law was in labor for like 24 hours before they admitted her to the hospital, and after that it was another 8 or so hours before the niece made her appearance.

Her name is <b>Elena Priscilla Prodromou</b>, she's healthy and happy, and the first member of her generation in my family. We're all stupid giddy about her.

My brothers and I all assembled at the hospital waiting room and watched DVDs all night until the baby came. An excellent sleepover. We were therefore the first people to get the birth announcement, and we were in the birthing room about 45 minutes after the whole thing went down. I got a <a href="">picture</a> of me with the little bundle. Heh.

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