[free-sklyarov] Quick Query for Campus Campaign

Xcott Craver sacraver at EE.Princeton.EDU
Sat Dec 1 19:24:51 PST 2001

	How many universities are represented by people on this list?
	I.e., if we print up flyers specifically oriented to students
	or otherwise plan to raise awareness on college campuses, how
	many campuses would we be talking about?

	People here at Princeton seem a bit surprised when they hear
	about Sklyarov's arrest; sounds like that DeCSS thing, they think.
	But they are positively shocked when told that Sklyarov is a grad
	student, doing his dissertation on the stuff that got him nicked.
	When you point out he's one of them, it gets their attention.

	I've handed out a lot of those flyers from the San Jose protest,
	but I notice that it makes little mention of the fact that he's
	a student.  And, that this mess is about research he's doing as
	a student.  If we want an on-campus Free Dmitry campaign, we
	need to emphasize this.

	[Also, several people are asking me where they can get one of
	these Boycott Adobe shirts.]

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