[free-sklyarov] human interest questions

Alex Katalov akatalov at elcomsoft.com
Mon Dec 3 03:14:46 PST 2001

Dear Alex,


Strange questions :-((((

Dmitry is still emploed by Elcomsoft, and the company pay him salary
as well as all additional expencies related to the living in the USA
(apartments, furnishing, utilties, cell phone, Internet... what else?
Oh - we was in some italian retaurant yesterday with Dmitry, his wife and
childrens, and I paid this from the corporate credit card as well :-)).

Alex, as I remeber, you have my cell phone, so you can simply call me and
ask if you have any questions, because I'm here at the moment :-)

AF> Does anyone know:

AF> 1) whether Dmitry is currently allowed to work and receive a salary while
AF> in the US?

AF> 2) if so, is he indeed employed?

AF> 3) if not, how are his wife and kids supporting themselves?

AF> The last is admittedly a very sensitive question, but if he's indeed
AF> unable to work for 9 months, this is a point that should probably be at
AF> the center of any publicity campaign we start now. One thing is an
AF> "abstract" freedom being withdrawn, another is starving an innocent
AF> person's kids due to a foreign government's whim.

AF> ...And, independently, perhaps a charity drive is in order as well?

Best regards,
 Alex                            mailto:akatalov at elcomsoft.com

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