[free-sklyarov] Quick Query for Campus Campaign

Alex Katalov akatalov at elcomsoft.com
Tue Dec 4 14:22:28 PST 2001

Dear Jim,

JC> Hitting on the fact that Dmitry is a student is good and is
JC> probably what helped us get coverage in the college news paper.

Even better hot simply say that he is a (post-graduated!) student, but
that this research was a part of his PhD work, assigned and accepted
by his University!!!

BTW - even more. His PhD was heard by University professors (sorry,
don't know the right English therm), was accepted, and was _officially_
filed at July 2 - right two weeks before his arrest.

I think it may be sensitive for students to learn that after finishing
the university or post-graduating, they may be arrested and charged
for what they did as a part of their diploma or dissertation!!!

Best regards,
 Alex                            mailto:akatalov at elcomsoft.com

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