[free-sklyarov] Dmitry Headed for Infamy

tom poe tompoe at renonevada.net
Thu Dec 13 10:46:18 PST 2001

Hi:  The number of postings, today, ranging from discussion about the FBI's 
Magic Lantern, the DVDCCA's argument for "Trade Secret" protection, M$'s DRM 
OS patent, etc., along with someone's comment that the time has come to blend 
the various issues into one, brings me to want to share a thought.

There are many issues raised by recent activity, both internally within 
governmental actions/legislation and externally through events that 
precipitate further actions/reactions [one clear example lying with the World 
Trade Center attack].  Underlying all of this, we must remind ourselves of 
what is taking place with regard to activity both here and abroad, 
surrounding a project called, Internet2.  Recently, the Bush Admin announced 
a project called, "Govnet".  My view is this is a "spin effort" to distract 
the Public from recognizing that they're actually talking about Internet2, a 
much more ambitious project, designed to change our world dramatically.

Once Internet2 is in place, and fully operational, there will be two distinct 
Internets [ if not more ], "theirs" and "ours".  All government-approved 
participants will have access to Internet2, and all others, i.e., the 
"commercial" interests will have access, albeit controlled access, to the 
"ours" Internet.  Internet2 is a global scale network for all countries, 
through "approved" channels, of course.

So, look into the future, and visualize what will be.  Without reliance on 
"ours" Internet, the government would easily tax and regulate and control 
access of the "ours" Internet, not through DRM OS, but through connection 
methods.  Period.  They won't need no stinking Internet, as they have their 
own.  The "ours" Internet will be ugly, to say the least.  No access to 
research, political science knowledge base, no "free" communication.  

The issues are specific, but the PLAN cuts across all of them, and the 
designers are determined.  What doesn't come clear from all of this, is just 
what is planned for Dmitry.  Bottom line, though, this case will bring Dmitry 
to life far past his death.  It's a shame on the one hand, but if it turns 
out, Britain does not become the GateKeeper for Europe, and Dmitry does win, 
the battle for those of us who value Freedom of Speech, will forever be 
indebted to Dmitry for his contributions.   No time like the present to put 
the Dmitry Award to work, eh?  Anyone care to model it for us?  Just a 
thought,  Tom

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