[free-sklyarov] Freedom?

Ernest A. Erickson eaerme at newnorth.net
Fri Dec 14 05:46:10 PST 2001

Okay, "if" Dmitry is permitted to return to Russia; what is preventing
him from just ignoring the U.S. charges once he's on his home soil?
If the Russian government allows the U.S. to enter and remove a citizen
of Russia without permission, will they hold the U.S. accountable for
kidnapping, or "spying" at least?
How does the U.S. government assume "power" in a land that is NOT under
"their" control? What right exists simply by "court" order, or is it
bigger than this?
Dmitry has the upper hand I feel; he can claim "political refugee"
status on his own land, plus the Russian government should NOT allow the
U.S. entry to remove a citizen to "our" soil simply for what we all know
to be a show trial to prove to the world how "we" are "the" power, and
dare any nation to oppose this.
If not "refugee", then certainly he's a pawn over the DMCA and should be
guarded against any attempt the U.S. makes to force his removal from his
own land by foreign operatives, namely, the F.B.I and company.
Russia should take this as a threat to THEIR national security, as does
the U.S. does over the 9.11.01 "incident". 
I wonder, just how far the U.S. would go to (re)capture Dmitry if the
Russian government disallowed his indictment and ignored the complaint
against Elcomsoft? What "right" does the "our" government think it has
to indict, kidnap and file charges against a foreign national and
company, and "assume" any right to imprison these people on their own
home soil?
Is this our own home-grown form of arrogance popping up once again?
What's next; a "commando" raid on Dmitry's home by the F.B.I and the
D.O.J.....*Is THIS not a form of terrorism as well??
We did it before with Noriega, we'll certainly do it again.
This form of U.S. power MUST be put to a stop NOW, before it's too late,
and we all wind up chained, jailed and imprisoned for whatever new law
this nation shoves in our face! And we think China violates human
Where's Amnesty Int'l now? I s this NOT a violation of a sovereign
nation's rights as well?
Did the entire WORLD become "Property of the U.S. government"?
Okay folks, you can forget the Constitution; it's been rendered null and
void by Bush and company!
Turn in all firearms to your police or face prosecution....I mean WAR!

*Once the first speech is censured, the first thought prohibited, chains
us all irrevocably* ....Jean Luc Picard, Cpt. U.S.S Enterprise.
Sound familiar people, because it's HAPPENING NOW, right HERE!
Too bad a T.V show has to be used to illustrate a fact we ignore about
our own dictatorship building right under our smug noses.
And you though slavery was a "dead" issue....

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