[free-sklyarov] Freedom?

Tom tom at lemuria.org
Fri Dec 14 07:46:09 PST 2001

On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 07:46:10AM -0600, Ernest A. Erickson wrote:
> What "right" does the "our" government think it has
> to indict, kidnap and file charges against a foreign national and
> company, and "assume" any right to imprison these people on their own
> home soil?

the answer is: yes

the US does, in fact, believe it has that right. there are provisions
in US law to, for example, use military force to prevent US nationals
to stand trial to the international warcrimes court. they also believe
they can kidnap foreign nationals in foreign countries in order to
bring them to US courts - there have been a few cases involving south 
american drug lords.

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