[free-sklyarov] Re: Continuing the fight

Matthew T. Russotto mrussotto at speakeasy.net
Sun Dec 16 18:11:03 PST 2001

On Sunday, December 16, 2001, at 10:23 AM, Seth Finkelstein wrote:

 >	Although I'm not a lawyer, as I went through the agreement, it
 > appeared he basically had to admit guilt on all counts. It seemed like
 > the language of the agreement had him establishing each element of the
 > charges. I don't think that was he was planning to do that in the
 > first place. ... How can this be just face-saving on the part of the
 > government?

As I read it, he didn't admit guilt, he admitted to certain acts.  
Whether or not those acts constituted a violation of the law was not 
decided or admitted to.

 > 	What might be the situation was a move of the case strategy from

 > 1) Crucify Dmitry and Elcomsoft in the process of winning the DMCA case
 > 	to

 > 2) Let Dmitry off the hook in return for testimony to win the DMCA case

I don't think his testimony will be particularly important, as Elcomsoft 
probably won't dispute the facts anyway.  If they try, the government 
has them dead to rights.  IMO, it's just that there's a lot more chance 
for adverse publicity and press reaction for crucifying Dmitry as 
opposed to crucifying Elcomsoft.  In other words, the free-sklyarov 
activists may well have had a hand in this.

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