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At 23:03 16-12-2001, Ruben Safir Jeopardied:
>That's is FALSE.  He is out on bail/or set free AFTER a confession of acts 
>which the court believes convicts him.  He's testified against himself, 
>and the court can pronounce him guilty under some conditions, or order a 
>jury trial, all depending on the specifics of the punishment amoung other 
>This is very similar to how the court handles a number of criminal matters 
>including such cases where they want to get the defendent into some 
>therapy or action.
>Not Guilty, and case dismissed means NO STRINGS ATTACHED.
>>>???  He is out on bail.  Every charged-but-not-yet-tried suspect who is
>>>on bail is subject to similar conditions.

I was *at* his bail hearing.  He was released on bail on 6 August.

He has now been released from the requirement that he remain within the 
Northern District of California.  He is still out on bail but with 
different provisions.

He has stipulated to certain facts that were never in dispute.  He averred 
those facts before, while proclaiming his innocence; he continues to aver 
the same facts, and continues to proclaim his innocence.

We would be much more effective if we focused on actual issues here, like 
Dmitry's treatment and the injustice and un-Constitutionality of the DMCA, 
rather than seeing additional bugbears at every turn.

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