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Jeme A Brelin jeme at brelin.net
Mon Dec 17 04:25:26 PST 2001

On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, Len Sassaman wrote:
> That's absolute nonsense. First of all, he has conceded nothing to the
> other side, other than his testimony of the facts -- testimony that
> would be identical to that given for the defense. There's never been
> any question about *what* Dmitry Sklyarov did -- only whether or not
> it violated the DMCA, and whether or not the DMCA is legal itself.

I've been wondering this:

If there's "no admission of guilt" as all the folks surrounding this keep
saying, then why is there probation and "checking in" with courts and

Wouldn't "no guilt" imply that the man was free to go about his life as he

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