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At 04:25 17-12-2001, Jeme A Brelin wrote:
>I've been wondering this:
>If there's "no admission of guilt" as all the folks surrounding this keep
>saying, then why is there probation and "checking in" with courts and
>Wouldn't "no guilt" imply that the man was free to go about his life as he

Let's try it again:

He's been charged with a crime and has not been found guilty or not 
guilty.  He is out on bail, as many other charged suspects are, subject to 
certain restraints.

It is rather remarkable, under these circumstances, that he be allowed to 
leave the country - it is an extraordinary mark of trust and respect from 
the court and the prosecution that they consider him honorable enough to 
return of his own free will, since if he flees they have little hope of 
forcing him to return.

There hasn't been a finding of "no guilt", but neither has there been an 
admission of guilt or a finding of guilt.  He has been charged, but neither 
acquitted nor convicted.  Either he will be found guilty, and be sentenced; 
he will be found not guilty, and released; or the charges will be 
dropped.  None of those have happened yet, and until they do, he will be 
out on bail.

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