[free-sklyarov] "Free"..."Prisoner"...."Exile"...??

Ernest A. Erickson eaerme at newnorth.net
Mon Dec 17 08:45:06 PST 2001

I wonder how many times this is tossed about from one side to the other
without anybody really "knowing" all there is to know, laws and all.

Okay, let's set aside personal conviction/s.
IF Dmitry does get to leave and return home, then HOW can the U.S. force
him to maintain contact with the court if he so chooses not to?
And if he chooses not to stay in contact with said court/s; what
authority does ANY U.S. court have in a "foreign" land not under our
legal jurisdiction?
I read Dmitry has been dismissed of all charges(free), and also he's out
on "extended" bail as well...Which is the CORRECT opinion?

If one purchases an Adobe Ebook and because it is on a CD, whatever is
ON that CD is also part and parcel "THE" contents in its entirety?
Does one not have the right to make use of the entire content of said CD
if one so chooses to do so now, or does the DMCA prevent myself from
doing this as well(not that it matters to me)?
Gee, maybe G.M should consider this option in their sales strategies as
well...*Buy a vehicle from us; pay $38,000.00 for it and "IF" we decide
you are a good enough driver, we'll unlock the electronic airbag
protection device/s for your use*, but please note; any attempt to
circumvent our locks will be in violation of the DMCA and we will
prosecute. Scary huh? All of a sudden, everybody's got "security
devices" built into their "stuff". Where does it end?

I had 3 CDs of Adobe material on them...they are broken now, and I can
no longer read ANY PDF file/s on any of my machines either.
Adobe got their last penny out of my pockets forever!

*Maybe Adobe has copyright to the design of condoms as well, given the
screwing they gave Dmitry*.

**Your rights END when you cross over onto my property, be it physical,
intellectual or imagined**

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