[free-sklyarov] "Free"..."Prisoner"...."Exile"...??

Nicholas Lentz nickpda255 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 17 11:20:16 PST 2001

--- Tom <tom at lemuria.org> wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 10:45:06AM -0600, Ernest A.
> Erickson wrote:
> > Okay, let's set aside personal conviction/s.
> > IF Dmitry does get to leave and return home, then
> HOW can the U.S. force
> > him to maintain contact with the court if he so
> chooses not to?
> > And if he chooses not to stay in contact with said
> court/s; what
> > authority does ANY U.S. court have in a "foreign"
> land not under our
> > legal jurisdiction?
> the US has in the past and is reserving the right to
> do in the future,
> taken foreign nationals by force from their
> homelands into the US in
> order to be tried in court. AFAIK there is even a
> specific law that
> this fact does not constitute any valid defense for
> the victim
> whatsoever.
> so far, it has - I believe - only been used on some
> drug dealers in
> south america. and I don't believe Dmitry will have
> the marines send
> after him. the point, however, is that the US is not
> exactly well known
> for respecting national boundaries, jurisdictions or
> other obstacles on
> the "one world, one reich" path.

You seem to be forgetting that Russia has a
significant stash of nuclear missiles.  In fact,
russia just tested a new scramjet based ICBM that can
penetrate the proposed missile shield.  Those south
american countries do not have any nuclear weapons,
and a limited military.  Even though Russia may not be
a giant superpower anymore, they still have enough
nuclear capability to completely destroy the united
states.  The U.S. would not risk global nuclear war
over copyright laws.  Russia also recently
declassified information that they have a stealth
warship, also capable of carrying nuclear weapons.  A
war with Russia over Dmitry and the DMCA would be
suicide, considering Russia's still formidable nuclear
capability.  The US would not be dealing with some
small country with less military power than many
police forces in the US, the US would be dealing with
a country capapble of nuclear retaliation.  I don't
think the US is going to risk nuclear war and the
destruction of all life on the planet over a law like
the DMCA.

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