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Mon Dec 17 13:04:40 PST 2001

It is good to hear that we will not be dropping the ball now that
Dmitry is free.  Thanks to the input of several people on this list, I
have been able to refocus our response at GNU-Darwin.


The tone in my opinion should be exuberance and persistence.  Accept
Dmitry's release as a victory in one battle, and take heart, but keep
pushing.  We still have much ground to reclaim for freedom.  Dmitry's
release shows us that we have chance for success.

We mention Adobe 6 times because of their instigation of this affair,
and we will support any boycotters with free software replacements for
Adobe products.  Just email us.

Incidently, we are also dogging Microsoft for other reasons, if you are
interested.  The greedy powers have shown that they care more for
profits than for our freedoms, so we should let our discontent ring in
their ears until our freedoms are restored.  We should not relent.


I would support the renaming of the list to fair-use-rights, or
something similar.


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