[free-sklyarov] Re: Continuing the fight

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Mon Dec 17 21:34:20 PST 2001

    > At this point, the only thing left for us to do is to push hard to
    > punish Adobe--so hard that anyone will think twice before daring to do
    > this again.  Sklyarov is no longer a cause celebre, but we can make
    > Adobe a cause celebre if we work at it.

	    Can we? Not to be too cynical, but I think the major
    rallying-point is now gone.

There have been protest rallies with tens of thousands of people in
the past month.  It is not constructive to be defeatist.

We don't know what we can achieve unless we try.  The question is,
will we try our best, or will we give up?  I think we should try our
best.  We should bring the protest to Adobe and to any other company
that threatens our freedom.

Some of us have never stopped condemning Adobe; the rest of us can
join in.  We can make it more effective if we have an organization.
An existing organization with some prestige, such as the EFF, would be
best.  But a new organization would be better than none at all.

	    There's *plenty* of DMCA court action yet to be done.

There is some DMCA court action yet to be done, but it is time
to start trying other things as well.

In our political efforts, we should aim at the DMCA, because that
automatically implies opposition to any stronger measures.  But if we
protest Disney (at movie theaters?) we could give out handouts about
the SSSCA as well.

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