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Jeremy James j.d.james at uconn.edu
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What a busy posting archive have I just read!!!  Proof of interest & 
concern, regardless of each individuals point of view or the direction 
of their message!

Bravo... now what??

The idea of renaming the list, toward something of fair-use 
entitlement...  sounds reasonable to me... although I would consider 
something on the order of freedom of information or free speech possibly 
better..  and also that inclusion of our opponents (mystical & devilish 
creatures such as SSSCA <born soon? certainly incubating> and DMCA) IN 
THE TITLE / ADDRESS as imperatives.

As evidenced by posting activity <43 just yesterday>,   I believe that 
most here <subscribed> are interested specifically in Dmitry's case, 
but, CERTAINLY also in the developments of the surrounding situations 
(SSSCA, DMCA in the US/UK / EU countries...  each will affect us all, 
can you say world economy?  that gets ya started at least down my road 
of thought)

MOCA???  I Googled for a lil' while (yes google is also a verb in my 
vocabulary) I found an Oriental Cafe, a Museum, & a game show.. (to name 
a few)..  but no legal argument or proposal....   any enlightenment 
would be appreciated my friends.

nearly the end of my ranting...

My special thanks to Martin (below) & others for their international 
insights.  It is important.  Especially 'us Americans' who so often only 
consider our own perspective...  in this world - now more than ever - 
being aware of the entire battle-space (within human limitations, of 
course) is an imperitive as well!

<ref'd insight>

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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 12:01:11 +0000 (GMT)
From: Martin Keegan <mk at ucant.org>
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Subject: Re: [free-sklyarov] Re: Continuing the fight

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Ruben Safir wrote:

I'm more interested in the work we have to do up ahead.  NY Fair Use has
made a beach head with Anthony Wiener, who is on the IP subcommittee and
is here in Brooklyn.  People should contact him and try to make him more
aware of us and get us a face to face in DC.

If we succeed in working with him, Senator Schumer won't be far behind
since they are close friends, and Bouchner willhave one more voice in the
Judicial committee.

Boucher is the one who said that the absence of objectors (people like 
when the DMCA was going through significantly impeded his efforts to tone
down the proposed law, isn't he?

Politcal action is more  important now than ever.

Well, it doesn't look like much can be done to help Dmitri for the time

Have you folks in the States actually got a plan for getting the DMCA
amended, yet? In the UK, we are faced with the imminent implementation of
an equivalent law, and have had our noses in the academic law journals 
the past few months; there's a huge amount of intellectual ammunition
being stockpiled in the literature by white-hat lawyers, just waiting to
be used on your local neighbourhood politician.

It's too late to stop the juggernaut in the UK in respect of the
legislation being introduced at the moment (we have serious European
treaty obligations which will blow up on us if we don't pass the law), 
like the DMCA, the EUCD has a "review every couple of years" provision, 
there's everything to play for as we go into the second round :)



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