[free-sklyarov] Russian Programmer Stands by Boss in DMCA Case

tom poe tompoe at renonevada.net
Wed Dec 19 18:37:54 PST 2001

On Wednesday 19 December 2001 17:54, Alex Katalov wrote:
> The Russian software programmer who escaped prosecution as the first
> person charged under a controversial new U.S. copyright law said on
> Wednesday he stands by his employer, who still faces trial.
> ``I am extremely disappointed with any implication that I am, in any
> way, cooperating with the (U.S.) government,'' Dmitry Sklyarov said in
> a news conference.

Hi, Alex:  Say, you don't suppose the U.S. government is guilty of 
misrepresenting the facts, do you?  <grin>

Thanks for pointing that out, as there seemed to be a paucity of coverage 
about his news conference.

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