[free-sklyarov] crippled music CDs

DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Dec 20 01:34:59 PST 2001

>> I have seen (but have not independently verified) reports that two
>> already existing Windows software packages can be used in combination to
>> successfully rip mp3's from copy-controlled CDs.
Next time when i go to buy music CD i am going to ask whether i will
be able to rip it to mp3 with software i use for this purpose.
If the answer is "No" i will not buy the CD, if "yes" i will ask for
garantees and full money-back if i fail to rip it.
I am not interested at all in crippled products (at least while it is
not about food and even if it is about genetically modified food i
have an option to go do farming myself)...

Best regards,
 DeBug                            mailto:debug at centras.lt
Fat Chuck has created a list of the currently known crippled audio CDs which
don't allow usage in certain CD players. 

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