[free-sklyarov] Hacker Arrest Stirs Protest

David HM Spector spector at zeitgeist.com
Thu Jul 19 08:00:39 PDT 2001

Actually,it really doesn't give any money to Adobe directly; it gives
money to someone who is SELLING Adobe stock, and commissions to the
brokers on both sides of the deal.  If the stock goes up they have a
higher market capitalization.

But, the trivialities asiide if 500,000 programmers each bought 1
share, 500,000 share of adobe stock doesn't even make a tiny little
dent in Adobe's daily share volume.  Of course it would be nice to get
current shareholder would give away their stock for this cause, but
its not realistic.

The bang we get for the buck in being able to launch class action suits
more than makes up for it.


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