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Alex Fabrikant alexf at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Fri Jul 20 11:10:44 PDT 2001

Below is a translation of the message sent by Sergey Yu. Ilyin
<market at giprogor.ru> to this list at 20 Jul 2001 17:30:41 +0400 in


The article in Banners, as I promised, regarding Sklyarov's arrest has
been published today in the "politics" section of Russkiy Zhurnal (The
Russian Journal). A link (not a banner!) has been placed, as you've
requested, at the very top of the main page, www.russ.ru, and,
probably, will remain there until Monday. The article itself ("Adobe
vs Elcomsoft: zaokeanskie Kokhi") is located at
http://www.russ.ru/politics/west/20010720.html . If the members of
this list feel that this article deals with the issue well, links and
banner traffic will be appreciated.=20

With respect, Sergey Yu. Ilyin, politics section of Russkiy Zhurnal
mailto:market at giprogor.ru
ICQ#: 23262204

P.S. Yesterday's special edition of NasNet by Sergey Kuznetsov is also
dedicated to these unfortunate events, at the address
http://www.russ.ru/netcult/nasnet/20010719.html .

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, [koi8-r] =F3=C5=D2=C7=C5=CA  =E0. =E9=CC=D8=C9=CE wrot=

> =E7=CF=D3=D0=CF=C4=C1!
> =EF=C2=C5=DD=C1=CE=CE=C1=D1 =CD=CE=CF=C0 =D7 =E2=C1=CE=CE=C5=D2=D3 =D3=D4=
=C1=D4=D8=D1 =CB=C1=D3=C1=D4=C5=CC=D8=CE=CF =C1=D2=C5=D3=D4=C1 =F3=CB=CC=D1=
=D2=CF=D7=C1 =CF=D0=D5=C2=CC=C9=CB=CF=D7=C1=CE=C1 =D3=C5=C7=CF=C4=CE=D1 =D7=
 =D0=CF=CC=C9=D4=CF=D4=C4=C5=CC=C5 =F2=D5=D3=D3=CB=CF=C7=CF =F6=D5=D2=CE=C1=
=CC=C1. =F3=D3=D9=CC=CB=C1 (=CE=C5 =C2=C1=CE=CE=C5=D2!) =D7=C9=D3=C9=D4 , =
=CB=C1=CB =DA=C1=CB=C1=DA=D9=D7=C1=CC=C9, =D7  =D3=C1=CD=CF=CD =D7=C5=D2=C8=
=D5 =DA=C1=C7=CC=C1=D7=CE=CF=CA =D3=D4=D2=C1=CE=C9=C3=D9 www.russ.ru, =C9, =
=D7=C5=D2=CF=D1=D4=CE=CF, =D0=D2=CF=D7=C9=D3=C9=D4 =C4=CF =D0=CF=CE=C5=C4=
=C5=CC=D8=CE=C9=CB=C1. =F3=C1=CD=C1 =D3=D4=C1=D4=D8=D1 ("Adobe vs Elcomsoft=
: =DA=C1=CF=CB=C5=C1=CE=D3=CB=C9=C5 =EB=CF=C8=C9" ) =D2=C1=D3=D0=CF=CC=CF=
=D6=C5=CE=C1 =D0=CF =C1=C4=D2=C5=D3=D5 http://www.russ.ru/politics/west/200=
10720.html . =E5=D3=CC=C9 =D5=DE=C1=D3=D4=CE=C9=CB=C9 =EC=C9=D3=D4=C1 =D3=
=CF=DE=D4=D5=D4, =DE=D4=CF =CF=D3=D7=C5=DD=C5=CE=C9=C5 =C4=C1=CE=CF =D0=D2=
=C1=D7=C9=CC=D8=CE=CF=C5, =D3=D3=D9=CC=CB=C9 =C9 =C2=C1=CE=CE=C5=D2=CF=D4=
=D2=C1=C6=C9=CB =C2=D5=C4=D5=D4 =D0=D2=C9=D7=C5=D4=D3=D4=D7=CF=D7=C1=D4=D8=
> =F3 =D5=D7=C1=D6=C5=CE=C9=C5=CD, =F3=C5=D2=C7=C5=CA =E0. =E9=CC=D8=C9=CE,=
 =D0=CF=CC=C9=D4=CF=D4=C4=C5=CC =F2=F6
> mailto:market at giprogor.ru
> ICQ#: 23262204
> P.S.: =EF=D0=C9=D3=D9=D7=C1=C5=CD=D9=CD =D0=D2=C9=D3=CB=CF=D2=C2=CE=D9=CD=
 =D3=CF=C2=D9=D4=C9=D1=CD =D0=CF=D3=D7=D1=DD=C5=CE =D4=C1=CB=D6=C5 =D7=DE=
=C5=D2=C1=DB=CE=C9=CA =D3=D0=C5=C3=D7=D9=D0=D5=D3=CB =EE=C1=D3=EE=C5=D4 =F3=
=C5=D2=C7=C5=D1 =EB=D5=DA=CE=C5=C3=CF=D7=C1 =D0=CF =C1=C4=D2=C5=D3=D5 http:=
//www.russ.ru/netcult/nasnet/20010719.html .=20


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