[free-sklyarov] DMCA flyer

mike castleman mlc67 at columbia.edu
Fri Jul 20 23:34:09 PDT 2001

Good for something to give to media perhaps, but way way too much text for
a flyer if you expect random passers-by to actually read it. A few
paragraphs at the most, and put the most important things first. Talk
about people being unjustly thrown in jail, not the abstract "purpose of
copyright." I don't want to imply that these things aren't important, but
people just ain't gonna care.


On Sat, Jul 21, 2001 at 12:23:49AM -0600, Paul Gowder wrote:
> Draft of flyer about DMCA, Sklyarov in plain text below (see the .doc 
> format one in previous message, if it ever makes it past list message size 
> limits).
> PG

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