[free-sklyarov] Adobe Will Talk! July 23 Sklyarov Protest on H old

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Sat Jul 21 02:10:59 PDT 2001

On 20 Jul, Jay Sulzberger wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, Sonja V. Tideman wrote:
>> What if we shifted the focus from Adobe to the US governement (and agreed
>> to mention Adobe as little as possible in the protest)?
>> Sonja
> No.  We are happy to meet with Adobe, but naturally our protest continues.
> Dmitry still sits in jail, and Adobe put him there.  After the DMCA is
> repealed, and Dmitry and Elcomsoft are made whole, perhaps we might enter
> into meetings aimed at ending the boycott.

I'm expecting that GNU-Darwin would withdraw from the boycott effort, if
and only if Adobe withdraws the complaint against Dmitry _in good
faith_.  Good faith would require that they do not interfere with our
extended efforts to free Dmitry and throw down the DMCA.  It would also
imply that they should not undertake any such abusive behavior under
DMCA in the future.

To that end, we should never let up on Adobe until they meet those
demands, and we should use every reasonable power that we have against
them to pressure them to do what is good and right.  We should apply
our efforts and intelligence towards better ways to convince them to
withdraw their complaint.  We should continue to build our momentum,
without slacking, until it becomes an overwhelming force if necessary.

Of course, we will continue to provide free software alternatives to the
proprietary software as part of our mission, whether or not the boycott
is in force.


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