[free-sklyarov] "Code is not Criminal" Bumper Sticker

Ethan Straffin drumz at best.com
Sat Jul 21 16:30:48 PDT 2001

Seth writes:
> EFF does have a current "Coding is Not a Crime" bumper sticker which
> is in print and advertises EFF.  I'm sure sticker manufacturers would
> be happy to make stickers to your specifications if you don't like
> these.

While I have no connection to iprint.com, I've been extremely happy with
their service for this sort of thing.  Their online design interface gets
the job done, and they're fast, professional, and cheap: for one project
I'm working on, I recently took delivery of 1000 stunningly vivid
three-color (including background) 4x3 labels for just over $100.  Not


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