[free-sklyarov] An Alternative Line of Argumentation

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sun Jul 22 10:44:44 PDT 2001

Izel Sulam writes:

> I would like to repeat very strongly what my suggestions are for statements 
> to the press tomorrow. Statements to the press should stress that this is a 
> consumer rights issue. Adobe makes a very expensive line of crypto 
> products, and claims that these are secure, and they are not, and this is a 
> fraud and a sham, and Dmitry Sklyarov brought this to the attention of the 
> world, and now Adobe is getting him illegally arrested rather than 
> imporving their products.

However, "improving" their products would harm consumer rights even
more.  Consumers aren't the ones who want "security" that tries to
prevent ordinary uses of digital media.

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