[free-sklyarov] Please relax, and read this plea for compassion

Tom tom at lemuria.org
Sun Jul 22 19:03:18 PDT 2001

On Sat, Jul 21, 2001 at 06:52:21AM -0500, Jonathan Weesner wrote:
> In short, let's push this smelly pile of DMCA pooh back into Congress. 
> But lets not pulverise a young Russian in the process!


also, let's not forget that adobe DID act quite sensibly in the last
case, the KIllustrator issue. they're a large corporation and nobody on
this list knows whether adobe as a whole is standing behind this or is
currently contemplating whether or not to fire the overly-enthusiastic
legal-department member who got them into this shit.

getting dmitry out of jail should be the headline for our protests.
however, contrary to jonathan I do propose (from the comfort of my home
in europe, so do as you like with my comments) that the "adobe shot the
messenger" protests still be there, as a subtitle. after all, this is
WHY we want dmitry freed, this is WHY we are all so angry, and it is
also important from a tactical POV since it gives a) more punch to the
"get this guy out of jail" line, especially if you run along the "adobe
tries to cover up a huge customer fraud" line. people can relate to
that, it gives things a background. plus b) only if adobe gets at least
a black eye will other corporations hesitate to invoke this law the
next time over, and the next time over it could be YOU at the receiving

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