[free-sklyarov] Re: [nylug-talk] New York rally a success!!

Jay Sulzberger jays at panix.com
Mon Jul 23 13:21:45 PDT 2001

On Mon, 23 Jul 2001, Leonid Gorkin wrote:

> We had about 30 people in front of New York Public Library. Rally
> continued for about 2 1/2 hours. We had several signs, and distributed
> about 2000 flyers. Some people stopped to discuss the issue with us.
> New York Times reporters were there and talked with several
> protesters. Unfortunatelly, we were completely ignored by all TV
> media. I guess they had more interesting things to report.
> You can see the pictures from the protest, fresh and completely unedited, at:
> http://umklaydet.com/nyc
> Thanks to everybody who came to the rally and all people who supported us!
> This is just a first step!
> -- Leonid

By one incomplete count 3000 flyers were distributed.  Vagn walked up and
down with a fine boxy sign.  Ruben brought I. and D. along, who are old
hands at this stuff, I think.  Many people passing already knew of
Dmitry's jailing.  Two had secret decoder rings, which they swore had been
hacked to decode Alice in Wonderland, so it could be read aloud with their
families.  Anton, Jo and Joe and Joe, and Sonny and Sonny, and Paula, and
lo, and ms, and M, and many who wore the colors of the NYC-Geeks, and
other partisans were all there.

Free Dmitry Sklyarov!


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