[free-sklyarov] Getting the word out to publishers

Peter D. Junger junger at samsara.law.cwru.edu
Tue Jul 24 12:22:25 PDT 2001

One of the big problems that Adobe faced if they considered filing a
civil suit, was that it is violation of the Anti-Circumvention provisions
of the DMCA to traffick in devices and technologies (which may not even
include software) that violate a right of a copyright owner or allow the
user to get access to a copyrighted work without the authority of the
copyright owner. But Adobe is not the copyright owner of the works that 
are published using the Adobe e-book software.

One way to make sure that the government cannot successfully prosecute Sklyarov 
is to get as many publishers as possible to state that they authorize
the purchasers of the e-books that they publish to use any software, including
that written by Sklyarov, to gain access to the contents of any (or even just
some) of the e-books that they have published using Adobe (or similar)

The University presses and O'Reilly and other technical publishers and the 
ACM, etc., should have little or no problem with this.  And even if they
would be somewhat reluctant normally, one can point out to them that they
are the one's who---by not giving their authority---are keeping Sklyarov
in jail.

I am trying to pack up for a temporary move and am working on an article
that relates to the Sklyarov case that I thought was done and that I
now have to revise, so I don't have time to pursue this idea.  

I suspect that you have publicists available and people with better contacts
than I do, so I turn the idea over to you for implementation.

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