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Press Release

For Immediate Release: July 24, 2001

NY - 26 Religious organizations today filed suit against the
three largest genetic research corporations in a class action
lawsuit.  The complaint aims to halt these organization's
research of the human genetic code. Other genetic research
pursuits were not named in the suit.

Bishop Write explained, "We believe these companies are reverse
 engineering the human genetic code for profit. While the
benefits may be great, we cannot allow them to continue."

This action, covered by the 1998 Digital Millenium Copyright Act
(DMCA), alleges the companies are knowingly engaging in the
Circumvention of Protection systems and could use this
information to make a clone.

"Once this system is cracked, the information could be used to
reproduce a copy of a human being through unnatural means,"
Bishop Write said.

The organizations which include Monsanto, Perkin-Elmer and
Genentec are seeking a review of the DMCA and asking for a
stay of the injunction.

"This law could seriously delay or stop our research efforts
into the Human Genome. Drug discovery could be seriously impacted
 and our main concern is making people better," stated a spokesperson
 for Genentec.

"Therefore, we are asking for further review. We aren't interested
in making a copy or clone, we just want to know how. The law [DMCA]
is very broad. Who do they claim the Copyright holder is for the
Human Genenome? The law is very vague, and related to the World
Intellectual Property Organization. We are a US Corporation and feel
we should not be controlled by the WIPO. You would think with all
the anti-globalization protests around the world the US government
would get the picture. "

But the Religious organizations were unmoved:
"Hitler was attempting to create a super-race. At that time they
didn't have they the technical means to sequence genes, so he was
going about it the old fashioned way using nature. Well, we
didn't like it then and we don't like it now," the Bishop stated.

In a separate case filed by the religious community, they also name
numerous genetic companies asking for release of documents containing 
the first pieces of the decyphered genetic code.

"All along they've been telling people its just ATGC, a couple nucleic
 acids. Did they really think we didn't know that was encryption?
Well we know about the message and we are asking that they release
it." The Bishop continued: "This whole time SETI has been looking
into the stars for some communication, well we knew all along. Your
genetic code is the communication. The Churches have need of that
data and we will sue to get it."


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