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I'd be glad to help distribution in Utah. I don't live to far from Salt Lake 
City. And isn't it ironic that a bunch of companies- and i belive adobe 
themselves also do this- hire people to find security holes in their 
software, yet that is against the DMCA?? Here is my slogan :"The DMCA: "If I 
say that my software is secure and you prove me wrong you are going to jail"
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>How about "The DMCA:Go to jail, for exercising free speech".
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>It could help educate the general public/spread the word if we have >some
>T-Shirts with one of the common slogan that have been used in the >protests
>and on the list. I suggest that the slogan on the T-Shirt be general
>enough so that we can still use it after Dima (hopefully in the near
>future) is freed.
>One possiblity is to have a global fund-raising t-shirt supplier. But >this
>will contribute to the cost of the t-shirt through shipping costs. An
>alternative is to have local protest organizers take advanced orders   >(to
>ensure they don't lose a lot of money) and offer shipments to cities >that
>don't have organizers.
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