[free-sklyarov] Sklyarov's Whereabouts and L.A. Rally Coverage.

Alan Smithee alansmitheee at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 25 02:03:02 PDT 2001

I did some calling around today as well and I'd put odds that Dmitry is 
rotting in a Las Vegas city jail awaiting a grand jury in SF to return an 
indictment (or not).

Tomorrow a congressman will call for his release.

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>clarification: After Silicon Alley Reporter published this article, we
>learned that Mr. Sklyarov has apparently had an opportunity to speak
>to his wife by phone.
>A spokesperson from the US Attorney General's office in SF also told
>us they don't know where Sklyarov is at the moment, that the last they
>heard confirmation from the Marshals he was being held in Las Vegas.
>The spokesperson claimed they will likely only receive updated news of
>his whereabouts next when he has actually arrived in a California
>Sklyarov's initial appearance would likely be scheduled within a day
>of his arrival, they said. Then, a detention hearing is held, during
>which the judge determines whether or not Sklyarov must continue to be
>held before further hearings.
>The spokesperson reiterated what's been reported elsewhere already --
>the fact that Adobe has changed its stance doesn't stop the
>prosecution, since the criminal complaint was never theirs to withdraw
>and Adobe isn't a party to the case.
>But they added that prosecutors take into consideration all aspects of
>the case, including the fact that a victim no longer supports the
>One would presume that the ongoing demonstrations and actions of the
>EFF do not go unnoticed.
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