[free-sklyarov] Protest on Sat. morning in San Jose

roylo roylo at sr2c.com
Thu Jul 26 17:59:46 PDT 2001

Thanks, got to tell you that I'm REALLY discouraged at this point.
Got alot of people telling me that they are busy or have changed their mind.
Plus I never got the reply back for the e-mails of  Larry Augustin, Bob
Young, Art F. Tyde.
No one beside Alex Fabrikant and you has offered to help me out.
It feels like no one cared, but you are right I'm kinda obliged at this
How about tomorrow we met at front of San Jose State College?
I will need to make more copies of the flyers I made first.
 so, How about meeting around 11:00am??

Please give me your cell phone number
BTW my temp. web page for the protest is at http://www.sr2c.com/free.html

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> >>>>> "r" == roylo  <roylo at sr2c.com> writes:
>     r> Anyway, since everyone is busy; I guess the protest will be off
>     r> and I will go to the concert instead.
> Do you _have_ anyone going? You've been spreading this info around for
> the last week -- I think you're kind of obliged to go at this point.
> I know it's tough, but you should try to make it happen. I'll go down
> and pass out flyers with you, if you want.
> ~Klepht
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