[free-sklyarov] Backlash

proclus at iname.com proclus at iname.com
Fri Jul 27 06:54:39 PDT 2001

On 26 Jul, DeBug wrote:
>>> The terms crippled media, controlled content, and controlled usage are
>>> great for our cause.  The term piracy -- even though we are not
>>> copyright violators ourselves -- is harmful.
>>> Of course, "violator" and "infringer" aren't great words either.  Any
>>> suggestions?

Hmm, I've been calling Dmitry a "fair use champion".  Although some
have attempted to paint him as a dubious hero, there is no such thing
as a perfect hero.


> n> Fair use advocate? Fair user? Constitutional defender?
> we could call him raptor of the public and its needs
> This is because he grabs needs of the public from original manufacturer
> then he satisfies these needs of the public and by doing so he catches
> the public in fascination

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