[free-sklyarov] Monday the 30th Plans

Peter A. Peterson II pedro at tastytronic.net
Sat Jul 28 00:51:23 PDT 2001

First of all, sorry that i've been incommunicado. Like I said, I'm in
San Francisco.

That being said, I've spent most of the day today with Seth David
Schoen, who is now in the employ of the EFF to work on Sklyarov-related
support. The EFF met with the US Attorney's office this morning and
presented their case. The U.S. Attorney's office asked several questions
of the EFF, but did NOT make a statement either way for or against their
releasing him. This should be hopeful, but not calming. Protests are
gearing up across the country for this Monday. San Fran's should be
particularly cacophanous.


Here is the plan for Monday as it stands:

Same time, same place. See the protest packet at the website for
relevant information. I'll try to have the updated version available for

As I said in my earlier message, I'm considering focusing ONLY on
Freeing Dmitry and talking about the DMCA when it comes up (which is any
time you have a longer conversation with someone). This keeps people
from assuming that we're trying to get something out of this situation,
when we should be focusing on Dmitry. What do you think about this? The
alternative is to also have signs that also ask for the repealing of the
DMCA. This is our goal anyway -- but I feel like having both makes it
look like we're using Dmitry as a poster boy, and is less likely to have
an emotional, make-me-wanna-write-effect on people.

Also, PLEASE make high-visibility signs this weekend. I'm going to make
a big sandwhich board when i get home sunday night. Also, consider
buying or bringing american flags down there -- it will make us look
"good" and draw people's interest.

Finally, I'll have a new version of the poster available, but it might
not be available until late Sunday night. Is it possible for people to
print them Monday morning? I'll be more than happy to print 500 at a
kinkos -- Nick Moffitt, Stephane Miller, Seth David Schoen and I went
through well over that this afternoon alone in SF. 

Some tactics that work well -- 

* SMILE! People are more apt to take a flyer from you when you look
happy to be there.. Obviously not happy about the imprisonment, but
still, happy.

* Hold a stack of fliers and one out to be taken. People will not likely
take your "last flyer" Hold the stake and page upside down so people can
read it as they come up. It will pique their curiosity and draw them in.

* Use a straightman. This worked well today, to have one of us go with
the crowd and take a flyer. When people see one person do it, they're
more likely to follow suit. We should definitely experiment with this on

* Be confident, but not pushy. Look like you know what you're doing and
are supposed to be there. But don't get in people's faces. We want to be
the innocent angels who are telling others about the injustice being
done. That confidence really shines through, and if you act confident,
you will be more confident.

* Get out there! Don't wait for people to come to you in the plaza. Pick
a good place where people walk and stand there. Since we're not shouting
or marching, a lone man with a sign is not as effective as  aperson with
a flyer trying to get someone to read it. The signs WITH the flyers
however are added visual and mental draw.

* Try standing in pairs, or facing opposite directions. Several times
today people would skip me, but take one from the next guy.

Finally, I do NOT want to dilute our message with claims about Mueller
or the EFF, or Adobe. Members of our group are perfectly welcome to have
their own ideas about each of these subjects, but I think we need to
decide as a group what our angle is and stick to it for maximum effect.

I'll try to get that poster ready before sunday night, and before I go
to bed tonight I should have the updated press release for faxing to
local media outlets. Did anyone see the NY Times article IN actual
PRINT? I would love to include a photocopy of that to local outlets --
if they see the Times did it, maybe they'll find it more compelling.

Would someone spend some time trying to figure out the reporters names
for various tv stations, radio, and newsprint vendors that we should
contact? LIke, who is the technology guy for the Tribune, that kind of

Free Dmitry,


   FREE DMITRY SKLYAROV -- FBI has imprisioned a Russian software 
   engineer for promoting and teaching the concept of "fair use".
Read more: http://www.eff.org/alerts/20010719_eff_sklyarov_alert.html

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