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If you find a site that is participating in this, please forward the link to


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> Subject: [DMCA_discuss] Call To Action!
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> Hello:  The obvious sits before us with Dug Song's site.  The folks on this 
> list might offer some suggestions to the following idea:
> As the DMCA sits, it's untenable.  Something needs to be done to demonstrate 
> the horrendous consequences it brings.  I suggest a movement be formally 
> initiated with the end-goal to have as many millions of sites as possible, go
> "off line" with only the page of Dug Song's site as it sits right now 
> displayed.
> This would be a movement coordinating the publicizing of an international 
> Anti-DMCA Day sometime in the months or year following, and make some 
> remarkable demonstration of what happens on the Internet when everyone 
> respects the DMCA censorship tactics by censoring their sites.  If it's a 
> week, even better.  
> For starters, I sent all personal contacts a forwarded email posted by Jon, 
> suggesting they get the full impact of the DMCA for themselves.  I would 
> suggest at a minimum, Jon's email be as widely distributed as possible.  If 
> ever there was an "chain email" that deserved an extended life, this is it.  
> Any thoughts?  Tom
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