[free-sklyarov] Yahoo! begins selling ebooks!

Dan Smith smitty825 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 5 09:19:22 PDT 2001

Hey Everyone,

     I saw on News.com
that Yahoo has begun selling ebooks (in both Adobe's
and Microsoft's formats) on their ebook webpage
(http://shopping.yahoo.com/books/ebooks/)  They have a
feedback form
which I think that we should use to tell them that we
don't approve of ebooks that aren't in a standard

     It also wouldn't hurt to send email to several
merchants that use the Yahoo! shopping services and
mention to them that you will be no longer purchasing
stuff online from them while they continue to support
Yahoo or until Yahoo stops selling proprietary ebooks.
 I know that one of my favorite computer parts vendors
(thechipmerchant.com) uses Yahoo, so they will be
getting an email from me!


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