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> > > OK, I'm sorry, I was over stating my case a little.  But people look at
> > > your actions more than your words and if almost all the posts here were
> > > signed I bet we would increace the use of encryption and digital
> > > signatures..  .
> > 
> > If you want more PGP/GPG users, then we should have a national
> > campaign for open-signing.  It should not be hard to argue that it
> > is necessary in order to secure our countries email system, but it
> > should be a voluntary, patriotic effort.  In this way, PGP/GPG will
> > be come a vital part of
> > our national infrastructure

Please use postfix quoting format:  your reply goes below the material
cited.  Trim your quotes appropriately and ensure your attributions are
accurate.  Quoted lines should be prefixed with a standard delimiter,
e.g.:  '> '.

Thank you.

> If we want everyone to do this, what we should do, is make a easy to use GUI
> program to do it, currently the average user wouldn't understand how to use
> gnupgp programs.

You mean, like:

So Where Can I Find RFC 2015 Compliant Mailers

    For lists:


    MUA implementations of RFC 2015:

	GNU/Linux / UNIX (most also ported to other platforms via
	compatibility kits such as Cygwin, UWIN, MKS, MS Unix Services
	for NT, etc.)

	    emacs (through various mail extensions), exmh, ishmail, mew
	    (an emacs mail reader), mutt, premail (Netscape plugin),
	    Gnus 5.6.45 with TM and Mailcrypt, KMail, Mixmaster 2.9
	    (internal mail reader), Sylpheed 0.4.63, TkRat, XCmail,
	    XFMail 1.3.

	Legacy MS Windows, Macintosh, and other platforms.

	    Claris Em at iler with PGP 5 (?), Datula (plugin), Edmax
	    (plugin), MS Outlook Express (plugin), MS Outlook (plugin),
	    Mulberry (plugin), PMMail (native), Qualcomm Eudora (full
	    and light version for Windows and Mac) since version 3.02
	    with PGP 5.5.3i and 6.0.2i Plugin, Turnpike (native), Voodo
	    on Amiga.


    Some additional informational resources for your benefit:

      - RFC 2015, "MIME Security with Pretty Good Privacy", M. Elkins,
	October, 1996,
	http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/cgi-bin/rfc/rfc2015.html , spells
	out the standards for encrypted and cryptographically signed
	email.  Note that signature-as-attachment is required by

	Note also that munging the content of multipart/signed messages
	violates RFC2015.  This addresses issues with several broken
	mailing list management software packages.

     -  For a list of mailers supporting RFC2015, see:

     -  For information on GnuPG, the GNU Privacy Guard, see

Thank you.

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