[free-sklyarov] interesting FoxTrot comic

Darlene Wallach wallachd at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 4 16:00:25 PST 2003

In case you don't want to open up the comic ...

1st box:
Person watching TV - from the TV
After meeting with motion picture industry lobbyists, the Disney
corporation today announced plans to overhaul its "Pirates of
the Caribbean" theme-park attraction yet again.

2nd box:
from the TV
Modified in 1997 out of sensitivity to women patrons, the ride
will now also include audio-animatronic portrayals of  Kazaa
users and overseas DVD duplication labs in a nod to Hollywood

3rd box:
from the TV
"It's important for the public to see that the dark scourge of
piracy includes more than the jolly slashing of swords and
sinking of ships," said a grim MPAA chief Jack Valenti after
the announcement.

final box:
from the TV
Kazaa users could not be tracked for comment.

 From the person watching TV
Am I on "Candid Camera," here?

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