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Sun Jul 11 07:25:34 PDT 2004

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The b`est meeds available

If you need X.an at x, V@|ium, Phe`ntermine,Tra~madol,F,ioricet,S0,ma we have


R E http://xx.tk.adeem385meds.us/f74/

At a young and tender age, Patti Wilson was told by her doctor that she was
an epileptic. Her father, Jim Wilson, is a morning jogger. One day she
smiled through her braces and said, "Daddy what I'd really love to do is run
with you every day, but I'm afraid I'll have a seizure."Her father told her,
"If you do, I know how to handle it, so let's start running!"
I typed her name and the care of Columbia records addrss on my father¡¯s
typewriter to give it as much officialdom as I could muster, never, of
course, breathing a word of this sectet document oto another living soul but
posting it , resolved to deal with parental accommodation details upon
receiving her reply. An undeniable element of all this is knowing that the
likelihood of ever getting a reply is small but it¡¯s a message in a bottle.
Thrilling, fabulous and totally daft! 
kougizyo6suunin01yatabe,zyuunihi kuromi. 

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