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Mon Mar 22 09:26:02 PST 2004

Market Watch Special Alert achieved record results for 
our Investment Alert for the First Quarter of 2004. 
Our subscribers have pocketed huge gains by revealing 
unknown and undervalued gems thrust into the spotlight.

Results for our First Quarter Investor Alert issued in 
December 2003:
Company Recommended: Torvec, Inc. (TOVC)
Price when recommended: 1.45
Highest price reached: 8.99 (+520%)

Second Quarter Investment Alert:
Deer Park Technology, Inc. (DRPT)

Price: .39

Assets: over 18 Million (2.09 per share)
Est. 2004 EPS: .15 Growth 300%+
Shares Out: 8.6 million
Float: 1.7 million
Average PE: Industry 23-25

Put DRPT on your radar for the purpose of immediate 
investment. Merger completed with 10-year old 
"entertainment empire". Name change imminent to reflect 
a treasure-trove of entertainment media properties.

Stock Performance Guide: DRPT
7 day trading target: 1.20
30 day trading target: 2.50
12-Month Est. Average PE X 2004 EPS = 3.75

One glance inside DRPT's programming vault will make you 
realize that there is basically none of the Company's 
intrinsic value reflected in the price of the stock. 
This is a direct result of a stock that is completely 
unknown to investors. Watch how quickly prices roar when 
word spreads, investors grab their calculators, and the 
realization is clear that this stock is trading for just 
pennies on every dollar of tangible assets.

The value of the Company's core assets will force its way 
into the stock price, with this explosive entity stepping 
into the spotlight and evolving DRPT into Media Classics 
International, Inc. Although a new name to investors, Media 
Classics is a major video stock footage company with 
worldwide distribution that has amassed a 3,000 film product 
line since 1994.

An overview of Media Classics' holdings reveals a tremendous 
diversity of entertainment media, started from scratch about 
ten years ago that has subsequently morphed into an almost 
$20 Million asset empire with top award winning producers 
and directors at the helm. 

The Company's entertainment assets are comprised of over 
2,400 hours of stock film footage, documentary and educational 
films, over $8 Million of animated art and programming, 
distribution rights for 110 full-length feature films 
categorized as top box office draws starring Oscar winners 
and a who's-who of Hollywood actors, as well as sports 
programming, and music rights. This complete library is 
distributed worldwide in VHS, DVD, on cable television and 
via the Internet, and is a continuing source of rapidly 
growing revenues. 

Several recent news announcements are well-timed with the 
upcoming corporate name change and will add significant 
value to a growing bottom line. These releases include:
1. The licensing of 36 films for distribution as DVD's 
and home video through a group of entertainment companies.
2. The completion of ten (10) documentaries to be released 
within 60 days produced as a joint venture with well-
known Terramar Productions.
3. A contract to provide entertainment products to the US 
Navy for use on board ship and at Navy bases around the globe. 

Here are some figures that put into perspective the enormous 
potential revenues that are available to industry players 
with diverse entertainment properties. The movie industry 
generates $150 Billion while the entire music industry 
yields $30 Billion worldwide. Video rentals in the US totaled 
$7 Billion, video sales reached $10 Billion, and DVD sales 
totaled $4 Billion for a total of $21 Billion in post-theatrical 
gross profits. With 50% of the wholesale price of a DVD or 
VHS going to the producer or studio, it is clear to aggressive 
investors why DRPT (Media Classics) has become our #1 stock 
pick for 2004. 

Market Watch Special Alert is delivered online on a quarterly 
basis. All information is derived from publicly available 
sources. Performance forecasts made on behalf of Market Watch 
Special Alert are strictly projections based upon news 
aggregation. Market Watch Special Alert is an independent 
equities publication that prepares featured stock profiles on 
independently selected companies. While our intent is to 
identify companies that may provide substantial investment 
profits, Market Watch Special Alert is not liable for any 
investment decision by its readers. Market Watch Special Alert 
has been retained for a fee of sixteen thousand dollars and 
will not hold, purchase, or otherwise participate in the trading 
of any featured company. Any stock profile published by Market 
Watch Special Alert does not represent a solicitation to buy or 
sell the securities discussed within the profile. It is advised 
that any purchase or sale decisions be discussed with a 
financial advisor or broker. Past performance does not insure 
future success of any featured company. Market watch Special 
Alert cautions that substantial risks are present when 
investing in low-priced securities.   

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