[svfig-announce] *** 5th Saturday *** SVFIG Meeting - April 30th *** 5th Saturday ***

Kevin Appert forther at comcast.net
Wed Apr 20 14:19:32 PDT 2005

****** This meeting will be on the 5th Saturday of April, not the 4th due 
to other activities at Cogswell ******
Please note this message is early - the meeting will be held 10 days from 
now.  No additional notice will be sent this month.

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We hope you will check the website at http://www.forth.org/svfig/ for last 
minute changes to the schedule.  The most up-to-date meeting
information is at http://www.forth.org/svfig/next.html

Preliminary agenda and discussion along with schedule updates may 
frequently be found on the SVFIG email list.  To subscribe send email to 
geoperry at gmail.com

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SVFIG  Meeting Agenda for Saturday, April 30, 2005
At Cogswell College, 1175 Bordeaux Drive,  Sunnyvale, CA

9:45  - "A Jolly Nice Cup of Coffee" (Lionel Hardcastle from 'As Time Goes By')

       "I am getting deeper into WinSpice, which processes text files of 
SPICE models, as SPICE meant to be. I've gotten good models of OpAmps and 
comparitors. However, I need good digital IC models of the 74AC02, 74AC74, 
and 74AC86. I can talk about these models and how to integrate them and 
simulate them together. My feeling is that SPICE is a very important tool 
to which we have not paid much attention. I like to get to the bottom of it."

      "WinSpice deals with SPICE2 and SPICE3 text files without the GUI 
interfaces of PSPICE, which often stand in the way of understanding the 
basic models."

      "I suggest people download WinSpice and run the demos and 
tests.   http://cmosedu.com/cmos1/winSPICE/winSPICE.htm"

"For those who are really interested, I recommend this book:   CMOS Circuit 
Design, Test, and Simulation by R. Jacob Baker "

11:00 - Tom Gregory  --- DSO BUSINESS PLAN
      Tom will extend the simple business plan idea discussed at the last 
meeting to include numbers. A presentation will be developed to solicit 
funding for Ting's Digital Storage Oscilloscope project. The content of 
these presentations are continually "evolving" - this one will be a 
rough/early draft. Those in attendance will assume the role of venture 
capitalists or angel investors (the nice ones!) and offer constructive 
suggestions on how to improve the presentation's weak parts. Generally many 
meetings are held before an investor feels comfortable enough to invest, 
i.e., when the perceived risk and reward are reasonably balanced.

12:00  --- LUNCH & Dilbert Film Festival
      Togo's or bring your own.
      Is anyone interested in watching one of the Dilbert episodes?  If 
nobody speaks up, we won't bother.

Changing to every other month?  Quarterly?  Annual?
Speaker Suggestions?
What's for lunch next time?  Maybe we order Armadillo Willy's via Waiters 
on Wheels?  Pizza?

There may be a short discussion of "The World Is Flat: A Brief History of 
the 21th Century" by
New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman

1:30  -  Al Mitchell   ---   ETHERNET GADGETS
The long-awaited presentation of AM Research's Ethernet Gadget!  The device 
is online most of the day at 
http://www.amresearch.com:2006/hvac.html.   Check out the AM Research 
Website at http://www.amresearch.com/

      We will discuss and settle on a process for conducting nominations 
and elections.  If you can't be there consider sending a proxy.
Who gets to nominate?
Who gets to vote?  Will proxies be allowed?
Vote by show of hands?  Paper ballot?  Email?

Tied House?

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If you would like to present at a SVFIG meeting, email me, Kevin 
Appert  forther at com-you-know-the-rest.com  (see the return address)

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At Future Meetings:

SVFIG Nominations
Tour of Moffett Field Museum

SVFIG Elections

	Math Secrets of Mosaic:  An algorithm is better than a poke in the eye 
with a sharp matrix any day.
	Charley Shattuck  - maybe ColorForth?
	Forth Day 2005 in Anaheim?
	Smart Dust
	A USB Device Enumerator in SwiftForth
	PID - Is it right for me?
	SVFIG meeting or meeting fragments as Webcast
	Kevin complaining that there are no speakers to be had
	George the Robot Seller from MondoTronics (this droid speaks 237 human 
languages but does no actual useful work)
	What happened with the Space Rated Forth Chip?  (not the Harris thing, the 
other one)
	Forth-based mass-market appliance computers  --- Cat and/or QX10
	Group excursion to "Hitchhiker's Guide" movie


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