[svfig-announce] Analog Studio Recording, the end of an era

Kevin Appert forther at comcast.net
Wed May 17 15:00:06 PDT 2006

      Last year marked the closing of the last factory in the world 
producing studio 2" analog recording tape.  Most folks had no 
idea.  I'm not sure if anyone restarted the line or started up another.

      I wonder if Jay or somebody might give us a talk on the history 
of the recording industry, the transition to digital, and the current 
state of "antiques" like vinyl records (still produced!) and analog recording.

      The SALT Treaty specifies that we give the Russians all the 
data tapes from every Ballistic Missile test we perform.  In order to 
get out of the analog telemetry tape business, I believe we had to 
buy them digital playback machines.  

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