[svfig-announce] Forth Day November 18

Kevin Appert forther at comcast.net
Tue Nov 14 00:52:02 GMT 2006

Cogswell College, Sunnyvale, CA
9:00 AM --- November 18  ---  this Saturday

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SVFIG  Forth Day  Agenda for Saturday, November 18, 2006
At Cogswell College, 1175 Bordeaux Drive,  Sunnyvale, CA
Main page --> <<<http://www.cogswell.edu>>>
Directions --> <<<http://www.cogswell.edu/directions2campus.html>>>

We are likely going to be in our usual room - 197 A and 197 B

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09:20  ---  CHAIRMAN'S WELCOME --- George Perry

09:30  --- SwiftX and SwiftForth Application Development ---- Leon 
Wagner and Ron Oliver
	Ron Oliver and Leon Wagner will be talking about the latest releases
	of SwiftForth and SwiftX.  They've put together a CD-ROM (which
	they'll hand out to anyone who wants it) with SwiftForth evaluation
	version as well as the following SwiftX evaluation versions for the
	68HC11, 68HC12, 68HCS08, 68K, 69R000, 8051, ARM, AVR,
	ColdFire, i386, and MSP430.  They'll show the interactive SwiftX
	environment, using an SD card file I/O subsystem on a little ARM
	eval board as part of the demo.	<<<http://www.forth.com/>>>

10:00 --- Scalable Forth Processors --- C.H. Ting
	"MuP21's concise intruction set, as designed by Chuck Moore,
	is very portable to microprocessors of different data bus widths.
	I have inplemented this instruction set on 8, 16, 24, 32, and
	64 bit microprocessors, and ran them under identical eForth
	operating systems. It is interesting to note that the data bus
	width is now only a design parameter, and not a primary
	restricting factor in CPU designs."

11:00 --- MyForth, a Minimalist 8-Bit Forth for 8051 Chips - Charley 
Shattuck and Bob Nash
	Written by Charley Shattuck, MyForth is an experimental 8-bit
	minimalist Forth for 8051 processors using ideas from ColorForth.
	Charley will describe the implementation of MyForth while
	Bob Nash will offer his perspectives as a new user and developer.


13:00 --- Introductions, announcements, rumors, and gossip

13:10 ---Treasurer's Report - John Rible

13:20 --- Fireside Chat - Chuck Moore
	By long tradition, the inventor of the Forth programming language
	will share his thoughts on the events of the past year and the
	future of Forth. <<<http://www.colorforth.com/bio.html>>>

14:20 --- intellaSys and the SEAforth 24A - Jeff Fox et al
	24 Forth cores on a single chip! Jeff and others from intellaSys
	will describe the technology, the tools, and the applications.

16:00 --- ADJORN

17:00 --- Dinner - Golden Wok in Mountain View


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Wireless Internet access is anticipated (though not guaranteed)
at Cogswell, so bring your wifi.

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Coming to SVFIG next month:
Join us for a break from hectic holiday activities.
Help us plan next year's Forth Day.
More talks, more networking, and maybe a surprise or two.

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