[svfig-announce] February 27th SVFIG presentation

David L. Jaffe dljaffe at stanford.edu
Wed Feb 10 17:35:34 GMT 2010

Revisiting Mandelbrot - CH Ting
"I started doing Mandelbrot 20 years ago. Then the computer took a long time, 
about 30 seconds, to plot it. It was nice, but not very interesting. Now the 
computers are fast enough, and I can do one plot in 1 second. This is now 
interesting, because I can interact with the plots. I like to use a mouse to 
navigate the plots, but need help in adding mouse interface to F#. I have put 
all the computation into FPU, and am quite proud of it. However, Windows steals 
the FPU from me and I am not sure that I have the FPU all to myself. Anyway, I 
will demonstrate almost interactive Mandelbrot plots. "

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