[svfig-announce] Check for Chuck

Kevin Appert forther at comcast.net
Mon Mar 1 05:08:57 GMT 2010

On behalf of those present at the January and February SVFIG meetings:

    At the suggestion of John Rible, we are considering giving Chuck 
Moore the balance of the FIG treasury, in the amount of $6500
 We are doing this:
 0) because Chuck can use a few bucks about now.  He has been cheated out 
 of millions of dollars.
 1) in recognition of all that Chuck has done
      If you want to discuss this on the list, now is the time.   If you 
 want to make comments in private, email one or some combination of us 
 Kevin Appert --- forther/at/comcast.net
 John Rible --- SVFIG/at/sandpipers.com
 Dave Jaffe --- dljaffe/at/stanford.edu
 George Perry --- geoperry/at/gmail.com
      We've reached a consensus among those at the meeting on this but 
 we're interested in hearing everyone's input.  We're planning on sending 
 a check in seven days.

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