[svfig-open] Incestuous Commentary / ?Auto da Fe (Was: We're Number 1: [svfig-open] Stupid Security Awards for 2003)

geoperry at blaze.rxcbc.org geoperry at blaze.rxcbc.org
Thu Apr 24 16:25:12 PDT 2003

On Thu, 24 Apr 2003, John Peters wrote:

> I was hoping to trade plain text for plain text. Whhaatt?

Kevin's previous subject: [svfig-open] Stupid Security Awards for 2003

He opened:  "The results are in.  San Francisco figures prominently..."

> Please translate. JP

... with this context, I hope that the first of it, now, is plain:

> > Featured prominently, predominately.  Sorry about all those *other* places
> > with things variously stupid.

If every one could express "sorrow", and had recourse to some public
condolence-servers... and could see stupidity's scope... and inference
engines re-presented our "delight", "sorrow", "hope", and such:

> > For no more than subscribing to (self-styled) Public Radio (tm) at its
> > Going Rate (sm)... virtual glasnost.

... may be getting us slack from blind priests' myopic grip of
compassionate intent.

Kevin's prior post (which subject I'd encapsulated into mine own prior and
this one)  lampooned social overhead of implementing "security" through
senseless (sensor-less, as in non-glasnost) gravity... through levity, I
get out from under that overhead:

> > My escape from breached security, my candor.  -g

... yes, in hindsight it's plainly ironic, that "candor".

> > p.s... sometimes, though, encryption; here's to a land where we're at
> > liberty to encrypt, or choose not... !hurrah for our red, white, & blue

For as long as I'm able, I'll cheer a land wherein I may freely choose to
encrypt or not... I'll grumblingly acknowledge a land where I feel obliged
to begin encrypting what I'd rather say freely, but !hey... for today...
!hurrah for the red, white, and blue.  -g... ecv

p.s... "plain text for plain text"... !hahahahahaha-ah-ha... yes, how
right you are, JP... thanks for asking, and thanks for clever thee

p.s... as to translation, internet affords one ready recourse to pursue
merely unfamiliar phrases... take "ecv"

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