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Tue Aug 19 08:31:58 PDT 2003

Dear Sir,

I know this proposal might come to you as a surprise. My knowing you is an ark 
of God. I got your email address on the Internet while searching for a reliable 
person outside Africa that will help my family in a confidential Transaction. 

I was convinced as to solicit for your support and assistance after reading 
your profile. I am Emmanuel Sese –Seko, the son of the former
president of Zaire now Democratic Republic of Congo(President Mobutu Sese-Seko) 
my father was violently overthrown from the Office on May 13,1998 by forces 
loyal to rebel leader LAURENT KABILA 

Following the overthrown, which forced my father into exile to Morocco in North 
Africa where he later died. With the overthrown and unfortunate death of my 
father, the Kabila Government seized all my father’s Bank Account and family 
business invested in some African Countries and that has rendered the family 
helpless. Recently, our family house in Switzerland was auctioned by Kabila 
Government and the proceed was repatriated to the same Government. With this 
development, the family has empowered me to seek for any honest and God fearing 
individual who will assist in transferring the huge amount of US$45M(Forty Five 
million United States Dollars) to a less tax account overseas. I have 
successfully deposited this money with a private Security and Finance Trust 
Company as GOLD DUST. This money is part of the fund set aside by my father for 
the purchase of arms and ammunitions worth US$60million through independent arm 
dealers in Russia which some of its (US$15m has been used during the power 
tussle between my father and Kabila. I was arrested and detained when Kabila 
discovered that I am signatory to President Mobutu’s account in Switzerland. I 
was smuggled out of detention with the help of my close friends who are still 
serving under President Kabila. I escaped from the Country through the Congo 
River with the help of fishermen. I am now residing temporarily in South 
Africa. Now that Kabila has died. He was assassinated on January 16th 2001, his 
son (Joseph Kabila) has taken over the Government. The state of the Government 
is still in fear. 

All I want from you is to come to South Africa, where we will hold a meeting 
and proceed to the Security Company where you will see the money yourself and 
you assist to negotiate for the transfer
of the fund into your overseas Bank Account, this transaction will not take 
more than 2-3days from your arrival date. The family has resolve that 25% will 
be your share for your assistance in this purpose and
other assistance you will be given in this regard. 5% will be mapped out to pay 
local and International expenses, which may be incurred in the process of 
securing this money. 70% is for the family Financial
Needs and for investment overseas with your comprehensive advice. If my 
proposal are Ok, you are required to forward your reply through my private 
email box (emma_seseseku at yahoo.com) upon receipt of your favorable response, I 
will advice the Security Company to change the Beneficiary right to your name 
for easy transfer of the fund into your account overseas. 

Please, feel free to ask any question and seek for
explanations if required.

Best regards,

Emmanuel Sese-Seko

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