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Wed Dec 3 11:52:43 PST 2003

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Kevin Appert wrote:
> There is no such thing as off-topic here at SVFIG-OPEN!!!

Except when it would be more on-topic on svfig (and *this* post ain't
ready for svfig; and when you get to the end, remember that meshnet's
"inefficient")... but, meanwhile:

Byron, finding shit on internet's as easy as finding shit on internet;
once you get it, you got it.

I found video drivers a few years ago at []; but here's a
part-specific hit:  [].

(By the way, check out the Latest Driving Articles on 'drivers')

... !spit, !pwew... but don't breathe deeply its new scent.  Let's look


... instead.  Byron, please, ?what model do you have.  -g

p.s... a concise Kevin's Questions & Advice:

> Do you have other USB devices which DO work?... What OS are you
> running... have the original distribution CD?... best to have the
> files that match your OS...

> Try Alta Vista to search the web in addition to googling Usenet.
> ... websites which address similiar problems
> When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

[... shout out some mail...]

> >           

[... thinking about a likely fate for Mom&Pop isp, ?do y'all know how
*hard* it would be for Government to 'take over' local telephony... surely
a lot *less* hard than seems like only yesterday...]

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