[svfig-open] White lists without a challenger.

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Thu May 15 15:19:27 PDT 2003

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> Here is a column from a collimated columnist of interest.

Nice article.
<drastic snip>

Currently I am using a Spam filter called K9.  It learns as it goes.
Sometimes it declares a good message to be Spam.  This means that I have to
double check the Spam folder to see if any good messages are hiding there.
This is not good.

What is missing is the use of a white list that does not use a
challenge/response function.  That way if a person were in my address book
it would always get through, but no challenges would be generated.

My next step is to try WLE or white list email which is an add on for Spam
Assassin.  I hope I can turn off the challenge/response part of WLE.

WLE is here -
> White List Email    (Home made, free from author)
> http://www.rfc1149.net/wle
> Requires Python, Looks good to me, not having used it yet.

John Peters

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