[svfig-open] Low max-pass on message-size effective against spam

Juggler Vain jv at zork.net
Tue May 20 12:29:33 PDT 2003

You must be 20KB thin to ride svfig-open:  

May be I have a twinge in a limb when my favourite televangelist blesses mah laig, thank *God*, 
All Mighty... or may be I have trouble with internet in general, and lists in particular; and may be 
this font will help:

from listmanagersql-confirm-15376046h at lyris.dundee.net        
[1] Subject: New Roman
  Size: 130889 bytes

... may be I'll lower limbo to, say, 5KB.  

from sep_y at yahoo.com        
[1] Subject: Unless he peeps up and says nicht.
  Size: 125092 bytes

... so, ?you guys ok with your mail-clients' integrity.  -jv

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