[svfig-open] Books about getting high (Was: Got Editors?)

geoperry at blaze.rxcbc.org geoperry at blaze.rxcbc.org
Thu May 29 12:25:53 PDT 2003

Having found Urantia on internet, Transom wrote:

> This sounds like a great book!

In hard copy, it's physically enormous.

> "Compiled by an editorial staff of superhuman beings"

Define "being".

> http://www.urantiabook.org/web_intro1.htm

Not afilliated with [urantia.org].

> The only editor I know of who had anything to do with superhuman powers was
> Perry White, Clark Kent's (Superman) editor at the Daily Planet.

While almost fifty years in print, absent internet-as-we-know-it (sm) at
the time, I didn't discover "The *Other* Big 'U'" until '67... soon after,
Castaneda's "Fables of Power, with Don Juan"... and soon after,
Hofstadter's "GEB"; and anagramatically titled "MT".  !Food for thought...

... regular between-meal-snacks...  I kept trim, though, with Acid.  -g

p.s... fine, thanks... ?how's by you

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